Here you'll find a few original notes. Keep in mind that I don't mean to boast. You'll also uncover a few I've discovered but I like them all the most. So how much more corny can I become, you ask? Avoiding the question, let's move on.


All of these have been written or arranged since April of '00. The scores to selected pieces are included in .PDF format, which means you'll need Adobe Acrobat or Reader to view and print them.

(And please, hands-off with the "Oh, I just wanted to copy this so I could listen to it and change it and call it mine and sell it to a gaming company to use in an upcoming Final Fantasy episode and make thousands of dollars from your idea...." AKA, don't steal my stuff, k? Cool, let's go on.)


Canon for Christmas - An original arrangement of Canon inspired by the holiday season.

Luctisonus - Original that's been in progress a while now. One of my personal favorites.

Medieval Fair I. La Volta (download score) - This is the first movement to a suite of five medieval melodies I've arranged together.

Medieval Fair II. The King of Denmark (download score) - The second movement to the suite.

Medieval Fair III. Lachrimae (download score) - The third movement to the suite.

Medieval Fair IV. Heigh Ho Holiday (download score) - The fourth movement to the suite.

Medieval Fair V. Sumer Is Icumen In (download score) - The fifth movement to the suite.

Festival Gloria (download score) - This piece took about a year on and off to complete. I would work a little on it, move on to something else, come back to it, grab a sandwich, watch a movie, fiddle around with it a little more, get some sleep, and come back to it until....TADA! Brass quintet format, original work.....enjoy.

Diamonds Are Forever - In keeping with my brass quintet tradion, I've arranged the oh-so-famous melody from the De Beers diamonds commercials. I had never thought about it until a friend of mine played the mp3 on his computer the other day and I knew what had to be done....:).

Overture to The Marriage of Figaro (download score) - This is a quintet arrangement of the popular piece.

Dance of the Merrymen - This is an original composition by me for brass quintet. I had this melody in my head for a few days so I figured I'd put it down. I started messing around with it and here's the result.

Whale Song(MIDI)(ZIP/MP3) - This is my first, finished, completely synthesized piece. I really didn't know what I wanted to call it when I first started out, but as I listened to it I kind of envisioned a deep, blue sea, and, for lack of a better name, called it Whale Song. If you'll listen about a third of the way through the piece I've used an extremely high rain sound effect to create something of a whale cry. Kinda neat in my opinion.

Ensueño (download score) - This is probably my favorite piece that I've written, not to mention my first. I composed it for a low brass trio, although it was never played.

Ding Dong Merrily On High - I composed this for my high school's trombone chior for a Christmas concert this past year.

Holiday Fanfare - This is another piece I composed for the trombone choir. It's a medley of a few different traditional songs.

Canon For Flute Quartet - This is obviously Canon in D for a flute quartet. I have this piece in F, though.

Carol Of The Bells - This one's never been done. Anyway, it's for a trombone quartet.

A Joyful Suite - A piece for trombone quintet. It has Ode To Joy, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and Canon (in F) in it.

Minuet And Bourrée - This is a piece by George Frideric Handel that I originaly arranged for trombone quintet, but later changed to flute quintet.

Overture To Robin Hood For Brass Chior (download score) - I was watching the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Theives one night and realized how great the music was and how I just had to make an arrangement of it. So I did, and here's the result, for brass septet.

Air In D - Another septet piece. It's an arrangement of Air in G, only in D :).

Carmina Burana - O Fortuna (download score) - Yet another septet. This is one of my fave classical pieces and thought it would be cool to do an arrangement for it. It's pretty repetative, but uses dynamics to keep from being monotonous.

Carols Of Old - An arrangement for trombone quartet of older, lesser known carols. It has, Low How A Rose E'er Blooming, Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella, Coventry Carol, and In The Bleak Midwinter.

Three Carols for Four Trombones - Trombone quartet containing Joy to the World, the same version of In The Bleak Midwinter as Carols of Old, and Greensleeves. We also performed this for the christmas concert.

Canterbury Choral for Brass (download score) - This is a famous tune my Jan Van Der Roost, written for Canterbury Cathedral in England. This arrangement is for brass quintet.

Allegro Spirituoso - This was was a string quartet written by Haydn. I've arranged this for a clarinet quartet, though.

Messiah: Overture - I didn't really write or arrange this piece. A guy I knew from high school arranged this excerpt from Handel's Messiah for 2 trumpets, french horn in f, and trombone.

Messiah: The Trumpet Shall Shound (download score) - This is another excerpt from Messiah that I arranged for a church service. It's written for trumpet, clarinet, french horn, baritone, and 2 trombones.

Dandelions (download score) - This is a piece by Five Iron Frenzy, and I have only written the tenor sax, trumpet, and trombone part to it. I did this kind of as a gag for a cheap band I was going to be in. Guess what? We didn't get a record deal. It may, however, be useful to anyone who wants to cover Five Iron Frenzy, or just learn some tunes by them. The easiest way to learn this is probably to get some type of program that can view midi's as sheet music. I use Noteworthy Composer. Again, it's only the tenor sax, trumpet, and trombone parts. I wrote this by using a program called Slow Gold to take the tempo of the mp3 down to a crawl, without altering the pitch, and using my good ol' piano to get the chords. It's probably not right down to every single note, but mum's the word.

Suckerpunch - Another tune by Five Iron Frenzy that I put together. Once again, it's the tenor sax, trumpet, and trombone parts. I wrote it the same way above, so some notes may not sound exactly as they are in the song, but it's pretty close.

Sabre Dance (download score) - For brass quintet, this is a famous piece by Khachaturian. I thought it would be fun to arrange, but that's about it, as it's kind of technically difficult.

Overture to Candide (download score) - This is for quintet also. It's a really popular piece by Leonard Bernstein. I personally like it. It took me about 3 months on and off to complete.


(These are midi files that I have downloaded from various sites from the net that I really like. Download them if you'd like, just don't hate me for putting up music from "Dumbo", k?)

Ava Adore - (Smashing Pumpkins)
Barbie Girl - (Aqua-something-or-other)
Beautiful Life - (Ace of Base)
Cotton Eye Joe - (Who?)
"Disney's Grand Theme" - (Walt, maybe?)
Ghost - (Movie Theme)

WARNING: Mary Poppins Music Below, Continue At Your Own Risk.

A Spoon Full of Sugar
Stay Awake
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - (Did I spell that right?)
Phantom of the Opera Theme - (Some composer)
Pink Panther Theme - (From the Old Show)
Pretty Woman - (Roy Orbison, God of the the glasses)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - (Quite Possibly my favorite classical piece)
Toy Story Theme
Video Killed the Radio Star
A Minor Carnivale

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