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Apply to Sleep Disorder

Please fill out the application below to send us your application for review. If approved, someone will be along to tag you shortly.

Just complete this form and click on Submit when done.


Your character name in game:

Your character level:

If referred by a current member, please list his or her name.

Email address:


What is your character class?


What type of guild would you ideally like to join?

Raiding Guild
Family Guild
Tradeskilling Guild
Not Important


What do you enjoy most from the game? (You can check more than one)

Leveling and gaining experience as fast as possible
Searching for high end equipment and "uber loot"
Meeting new people and making new friends
Exploring new areas and adventuring


Have you read the guild rules and charter on the web site?



How much time do you spend in game per week?


Please take a moment to answer the following questions: What do you believe a guild's responsibility is to each of its members, and what responsibilty do the members of a guild have to the guild's well-being?


Please describe your MMORPG experience in relation to how long you've played, which games you've played, and experiences you've had with guilds


Lastly, why do you feel that Sleep Disorder would be the guild for you?