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Welcome to the bio section. Here you can learn a few things about me and how I ended up where I am right now.

  • NAME: Brandon Michael Phillips

  • DATE OF BIRTH: September 01, 1983 (go Virgo!)

  • BIRTH LOCATION: Johnson City, Tennessee

  • RESIDENCY: Elizabethton, Tennessee

  • PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Little Bucs Child Learning Center

  • EDUCATION: High School Diploma from Elizabethton High School, Some college at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN

  • FREE TIME FUN: Well as of right now I'm working on my last year of undergrad work at East Tennessee State University. When I'm not there I'll probably be hanging around with some of the locals 'round these here parts. When I'm snowed it at home you'll more than likely find me working with music, clicking away on the internet, or trying to find something worth watching on television, which is damn hard. When the power's out and I'm snowed in I'll probably resort to knitting, which I've picked up within the past year :). I also like to cook occassionally but I still have a lot of practice to do on that.

  • LIFE GOALS: Right now at ETSU I'm working on finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish. I'm minoring in Communicative Disorders which is what really interests me and I'm planning to start graduate school in the fall of 2006 to begin working on my masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology. Music is something I love but not something I want to build a career from. It will always just be a hobby I enjoy.

If you want to know anything more detailed about me just send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to respond.

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